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Ahmad is a Fractional CTO, Startup Advisor, and Investor.

Leading up to the acquisition by GitHub in 2020, Ahmad served as the CTO for npm, taking over the critical mission of ensuring the Open Source JavaScript registry remains stable, reliable and sustainable for the millions of developers that rely on it daily.

Prior to joining npm, Ahmad led the platform engineering team as Chief Architect for TELUS Digital. As VP of Engineering at Kong, his focus was on powering API-driven development, and open-source technology for the enterprise.

Ahmad founded REFACTOR Community — a developer community of over 17,000+ members, operating 4 annual tech conferences in Canada.


I help engineering teams minimize technical debt, accelerate product roadmaps, strengthen team culture, and adopt best practices.



Startups in my investment portfolio


Contact me regarding podcasts, interviews, or commentary on technology & tech industry.
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