ahmad Ahmad Nassri Talks

The Hacker's Bio: World Premiere @ Full Stack Toronto

An exploration into the daily lives of Software Developers, Hardware Tinkers, Engineers and Technologists to better understand the culture, mindset and motivation of this generation.

Ahmad has been traveling around the globe, interviewing engineers, developers, programmers, and hackers, in an effort to break through the negative stereotypes surrounding this generation’s technologists and to better understand who these people are and what motivates them.

What he found was an unexpected level of passion and creativity, through a deep exploration of the hacker community mindset and lives of those working with technology.

Technologists will recognize some of the traits and learnings that drives and motivates them as well, finding familiar stories that reflect their own experiences.

For the non-technologist, this series sheds a new light onto the hacker culture, and the rich lives of individuals within it.

Take part in the world premiere of the video series at #fstoconf15 with an exclusive documentary short.